Note it! These Foods Can Ward Off The Effects Of Cold Weather At Night

Extreme weather can affect one's endurance, as well as the recent cold temperatures that are always present every morning and night. The body will become more vulnerable to various diseases.

"If the cold weather can be respiratory infections with symptoms of fever, dizziness, nasal congestion, and coughing. If not handled properly can lead to lung infections," explained health practitioner from Permata Depok Hospital, Dr. Kevin William Hutomo, when contacted detikHealth recently.

Dr. Kevin recommends consuming high calorie foods. High calorie foods can be useful for maintaining body temperature.

"So that the body temperature is warmer multiply the consumption of meat because it contains high calories. But there are also many other foods that contain high calories such as beans, chocolate, and rice," explained Dr. Kevin.

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Foods with high calories can maintain body temperature because calories are a source of energy that is burned by the body. The more number of calories consumed, the more amount of heat the body produces.

In addition to consuming high-calorie foods, doctors also recommend taking a multivitamin and wearing a jacket or thick clothes to stay healthy in the cold.

Reference : Detik

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