Benefits of Natural Spinach in food for the body

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Spinach is a food rich in nutrients. In each bowl of spinach, there are 7.2 mg of iron. Iron deficiency can cause delays in all important bodily functions. Babies often experience changes in character, according to the state of the season in each every year. In the spring and fall season, it is medium. But most of its nature tends to dry cold.

Among the properties are:

a. Relieves hot steam that arises in the stomach
b. Cure swollen diseases that occur in the thumb
c. Cure eye pain
d. Offering poison when
e. Strengthens digestion
f. Cure liver disease
g. Cleanse the kidneys
h. If the seed is crushed, placed in a place that is swollen due to heat or cold, it will heal
i. Open veins that are stuck
j. If the root is squeezed it is useful to bid on all poisons

That's the number of benefits contained in spinach. Hopefully useful.

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