Benefits of Salt for human health

Hello loyal readers - This time I will share the natural benefits contained in salt. See the followings below
Salt is the main ingredient of all foods. Because only with salt, all the other dishes become delicious, without salt everything becomes tasteless.

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Salt is useful to improve the physical body and their food. It can also strengthen the body and prevent decay and damage. And it is useful for dealing with scurvy that spreads.

If it is used as a kohl, it can remove the yellow color in the eyes. Also it can prevent the spread of wounds. Launching defecation. If rubbed on the stomach of people who suffer from dropsy disease, can cure it. Also can clean and whiten teeth. Also can cure pain teeth and bleeding in ggi. Juda salt can treat constipation, hoarse throat, cataracts, and boils.

Tooth brushing with a fine salt dish in the morning and evening can prevent bleeding in the gums. Drink a mixture of vinegar with salt, efficacious to relieve pain at the bottom of the navel.
If you have a broken boil or skin massaged with salt, the itching will disappear.
To prevent constipation, drink enough salt of water every morning.
To reduce smoking, lick salt with the tip of the tongue before smoking, do it for one month.

That was some of the benefits of salt for ourselves, especially the health of the body.

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