Fried Rice Recipe and How to Make It

Instant Fried Rice Recipe and How to Make It is easier than you think! This recipe starts with simple ingredients and ends with moist, flavorful rice impossible to resist!


70 grams of White Rice

30 grams of Egg Noodle

20 gram White Cabbage (White Flower Cabbage)

1/2 Tomato

15 grams of chicken breast

1 stalk Leek

1 egg

to taste Sweet soy sauce

2 red chili seeds

1 Red Chili

2 Spring onions

1 clove Garlic

1 hazelnut seeds

salt to taste

to taste Chicken Flavoring

to taste water

to taste Cooking Oil


Prepare materials

- Blend the spices: Curly red chili, red cayenne, onion, garlic and hazelnut.

- Shredded fried chicken

saute the spice paste until fragrant.

add tomato slices, cabbage, shredded chicken and chives. then beat the eggs, cook until the vegetables wither.

add salt and flavoring.

note: if stir-fry looks dry, you can add a little water.

then add the white rice and noodles. stir well then pour sweet soy sauce. stir until even.

Pour fried rice noodles in a dish.

I served with chicken drumstick, sprinkles of fried onions and chives. or it can be with other sprinkles.

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